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    Guangzhou VIEWO Electronics co.,ltd is a professional research,development,production sales of household appliances of high-tech enterprises. The main products LED/DLED TV, SKID,sound bar, DVD and other products.The company is high,intermediate title technical personnel of the total number of staff of about 50%,with astrong ability to develop new products.And through a series of international qualitymanagement system accreditation.The face of fierce market competition,ourreasonable price, excellent products, perfect service, won the majority of users of thetrust and recognition,market share doubled.Through the unremitting efforts of all staff,the product brand has a certain reputation .....

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    The advantages of Viewo photoelectric products.
    Company closely with their own devices and leading edge technology design, with the domestic first-class foundry, encapsulation testing contract to maintain close cooperation and cooperation, strict control of product quality, to ensure the quality of products of high quality and stable supply....
    Why choose Viewo?
    TThe positioning of the company's products: the performance and reliability of the imported brand and the domestic big brands, the application positioning of high-end, cost-effective, focus on the brand, quality and reputation....
    Compare with other company products.
    The company has a strong development team, with many years of experience in the development of LED constant current sources and the latest research and development technology, especially in the field of safety and EMC....

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